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for workers and access to work

our most popular service

live captioning / speech to screen service

follow what everyone is saying

01 / fast

We type what people are saying as they are saying it. ​We list the speaker's name and can capture jokes and preamble so you get the personalities of the people you are talking with if you would like that as well!

We type up to 150 words per minute but more importantly, type at reading speed so you can follow and contribute to the conversation.


02 / remote working

We can provide our live captioning service remotely to your meetings. The text can be streamed to your laptop, tablet or phone.


We can dial into meetings via phone, on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout and Skype so you can be part of all business meetings from home.


03 / easy

We are 95% accurate and this improves as we become more familiar with the speakers accent, pace, and technical language used.

We can also like to build one-to-one relationships with the client so the support fits their choice. We are deaf aware and disability-aware; this is important in the workplace.

Computer Screens

example: live minute taking

screen to screen note taking / live note taking / speech to screen / live captioning 

These phrases are used to describe what happens when the note taker ​produces the text of the speaker on their laptop and that text shows the typed text real-time, word by word, to the client's computer or tablet, phone.

We will set up the process and provide the second screen for you to read from so there is no technical expertise required!

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